People Profile

1. How did you get started in PICK?

I was working a summer job during my junior year in college at a small medical manufacturer. The company purchased Microdata Reality system and knew I had taken some computer science classes, so they moved me from plant to office to help out. This Pick stuff was radically different than the college systems, it was a great challenge and opportunity. I never looked back.

2. Why do you think MultiValue applications continue to thrive?

Two reasons: the data model is well suited for business applications, and the development environment was simple enough for amateur developers to create functional applications.

3. What is a memorable event or funny story from your time in the market?

Remembering the Spectrum shows of the 80’s when I came with my babies in their strollers, and Paul Giobbi, a teenager, was helping his dad and stepmom. Now my kids are have their own kids, and Paul is my boss. An amazing journey!

4. What are you doing now?

Doing product development for Zumasys. Helping to add modern features to our MultiValue databases and tools.